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We are excited to share our Strategic Plan, which will help guide the work we do over the next 3 years. We developed this Strategic Plan in consultation with our Board of Directors, and conversations with our many partners, supporters and volunteers.

Our vision

By engaging youth, we hope to increase the awareness of their educational choices and inspire them to consider careers in the skilled trades and/or technology sector.


We hope to expand our programming and reach, and connect with more institutions, communities and youth. By fulfilling our vision, we will help build the future of the skilled trades and technology workforce throughout the Northwest Territories.



Diversity and Inclusivity

We will celebrate our uniqueness and that of others.


We listen to, understand, and communicate with one another to sustain each other, our community, and our learning.


We operate with integrity, accountability, respect, and responsibility.


We strive to both inform, and empower youth to become their best.


We act with unfailing honesty, accountability, fairness and impartiality.

focus areas

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Our projects and objectives are structured around our key focus areas. Each of these areas represent a significant opportunity for our organization to advance the interests of our partners, community members, and participants throughout the Northwest Territories.


Enhancing Communication

Improving and enhancing all outgoing communication to communities across the Northwest Territories is both fundamental and essential for all parties to have equal opportunities and will allow clarity when seeking skilled trade and technology information and opportunities for participation.


Expand Youth Engagement

By expanding youth engagement, we increase participation and awareness of both us as an organization and the career opportunities in skilled trades and technologies available across the Northwest Territories.




We will strive to create mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals, institutions and community groups that can directly benefit and inspire youth to build trade and technology skills that lead to meaningful careers.

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Enhancing Communication

We recognize that each community throughout the Northwest Territories has its own set of unique challenges. We are committed to ensuring that our communication to all parties involved is distributed equally, clearly and respectfully.


We strive to enhance our mutually beneficial partnership with the Department of Education, Culture and Employment by centralizing valuable educator tools, informational resources, documents and more. The development and launch of our “information hub” on our website is a collimation of these resources. Our goal is to provide one simple, accessible platform to learn about trades and technology occupations in the Northwest Territories, and how to get started if one chooses to go down that path. Sharing news with our partners and stakeholders to provide updates on Skills Canada NWT programs, upcoming events and more will enhance our presence and increase awareness.


Expand Youth Engagement

Enhancing relationships with teachers and educators throughout the Northwest Territories directly creates meaningful and impactful connections with their students and youth. Accessible resources and information to educators, such as our Try-A-Trade® Kits and Skills Clubs, will increase learning opportunities in the classroom and during extracurricular workshops - ensuring both educators and students are both informed on trades and technology opportunities. This will also ensure readiness for our Skills Canada NWT Territorial Competition and Skills Canada National Competition.


We strive to continue to provide new and existing programs on a virtual platform while maintaining a high level of integrity and engagement, which will strengthen our relationship with communities throughout the Northwest Territories, ensuring fun and equal opportunities for all. We also look forward to providing information on our programs and events, as well as skilled trade and technology information in a fun, engaging way using appropriate social media platforms that youth have a presence on.


Create Partnerships

Without the generosity of our supporters, volunteers, partners and funders, we simply could not fulfil our mission statement. Collaborating with organizations such as the Department of Education, Culture and Employment, Indigenous Skills and Employment Training and Aurora Polytechnique will create strong, impactful relationships. Partner relations both in industry and NGO’s will directly benefit Skills Canada NWT participants, and those who seek information on skilled trade and technology careers.


In addition to our relationships in industry, we also look forward to strengthening our partnerships at the school board and district level. We are passionate about having important discussions and being a part of the conversations had within each school district. Having a voice on those platforms will ensure that the awareness of skilled trade and technology information, as well as opportunities to participate in Skills Canada NWT events are filtered through each school faculty, to every teacher and educator.

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