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Updated: Jan 11

Welding involves the joining of metals using manual, semi-automatic and automatic arc welding equipment. Welders generally plan their work from drawings and blueprints and may use hand tools and machines to fabricate, assemble and welding to make products.



Manual welding is controlled entirely by the welder, while semi-manual welding uses machines to perform some of the tasks. There are many different types of welding depending on the material, equipment and techniques used, the nature of the final product and the degree of expertise required. These categories include Arc welders, Mig welders, TIG welders, Pressure welders, Fitter-Welders and flame-cutters. Welding provides a lucrative and rewarding career, with highly transferable skills and can offer very diverse work and challenges.

Typical Duties

Jobs and Careers

Education and Training

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Competition Resources


2023 National Competition Contest Description_Secondary

2023 Skills Canada National Competition - Competition Document_Secondary_EN
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2023 National Competition Contest Description_Post Secondary

2023 Skills Canada National Competition - Competition Document_Post Secondary_EN
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