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Video production

Updated: Mar 2

A career in television and video production offers ample opportunity to move from entry-level positions to a variety of specialties.



Newcomers to the business often start out performing duties such as lighting, staging and recording, or operating camera dollies and microphone booms. Mid-level positions include developing and editing film, producing storyboards, and videotaping or audio recording on tape or disc. Experienced and talented individuals may eventually produce, direct or supervise radio and TV programs, films or theatrical performances.

Often viewed as a glamorous profession, most of the work available in this field takes place behind the scenes, involving audio, video, lighting, set design, producing and directing. There is a high demand for skilled workers in these highly technical occupations, which are found in many industries and are continually growing due to changes in technology. Those who are successful have a passion for their work and are willing to work long hours under stressful conditions.

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2023 Territorial Competition Document

TV Video Production_Contest Document_TC23 (1)
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2023 National Competition Contest Description_Secondary

2023 Skills Canada National Competition - Competition Document_Secondary_EN
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Secondary Project
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