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Updated: Mar 14

Plumbers install and repair plumbing fixtures and water, waste disposal, drainage and gas systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They read blueprints to determine the layout of the system and measure and mark areas where the pipes will be installed and connected, checking for obstructions such as electrical wiring.



Once a project has begun, they perform a number of tasks, from simple installation of pipes and fittings to complex calculations and planning in specialized environments such as hospitals. The system must be checked for leaks using air and water pressure gauges to ensure that it is working properly. Plumbers use a wide range of hand and power tools, torches and welding equipment to cut and shape pipe to precise specifications. An important part of their job is to fit the piping into the building with the least waste of materials while maintaining grade or slope and avoiding trapping air or fluids in the system. A plumber’s skills are also applicable in maintenance, service work, hydronic heating, and medical gas cross connection controls and inspections.

Typical Duties

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Education and Training

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2023 Territorial Competition Document(s)

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