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Graphic Design Technology

Updated: Jan 11

Graphic design offers a wide variety of career options as the skills involved are highly transferable. These professionals are responsible for enhancing the visual impact of reports, publications, advertising, commercials, videos, posters and digital media. Working on computers with specialized software programs, they use images, print styles and visual effects to communicate their message clearly and persuasively.



Specific examples of the work done by desktop publishers range from designing corporate logos and letterhead, to creating store counter displays, banners and posters, to designing titles, credits and graphics for film and television. In graphic designing you work closely and extensively with your clients to create a product that is both visually appealing and able to fulfill the clients’ requirements. From estimating the cost of materials and time needed to complete the project to determining the medium best suited to produce the desired visual effect, the ability to listen to and understand your clients’ vision is essential to your success.

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2023 National Competition Contest Description_Secondary

2023 Skills Canada National Competition - Competition Document_Secondary_EN
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2023 National Competition Contest Description_Post Secondary

2023 Skills Canada National Competition - Competition Document_Post Secondary_EN
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