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Autobody Repair

Updated: Jan 11

Autobody technicians make body repairs to cars, trucks and other motor vehicles using traditional hand tools and a range of specialty body repair tools such as MIG welders, spot welders, blocks, hammers and spray guns. These repairs are accomplished by inspecting and determining the repair work needed, developing appropriate methods for each job and applying a broad knowledge of automotive construction and repair techniques.



Autobody technicians use frame machines with computerized, laser and mechanical measuring systems to restore damaged frames and sections to their original shape and location. Less serious dents are straightened with hydraulic jacks or body hand tools. In addition, they remove badly damaged sections of body panels and weld and adhesive bond new sections in to replace them. A career in autobody repair can cover a number of different areas, such as paint and refinishing, body work and frame work, although paint is considered a separate trade. Knowledge of this profession is applicable to many other areas of the automotive sector, and there is a high demand for skilled employees throughout the industry.

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2023 National Competition Contest Description_Secondary

2023 Skills Canada National Competition - Competition Document_Secondary
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2023 Skills Canada National Competition - Competition Document_Post Secondary
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