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It is vital to ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to participate in our programs and events. We are committed to inclusivity and accessibility, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your need, so that everyone can enjoy our skilled trade and technology programs.

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userway® accessibility

Skills Canada NWT is committed to inclusivity and accessibility for all.


Our new website includes an accessibility app with a range of features and accommodations to ensure everyone can learn and engage fully in our programs. We welcome feedback on how we can continue to improve accessibility for all. Some of these features include:

  • Screen reader (text-to-speech);

  • Contrast adjustment;

  • Text alteration (size, character spacing, scaling, alignment);

  • XL cursor

  • .. and more!


Please click the Userway® Accessibility app icon in the bottom-right hand of the screen.

Thank you for helping us build and strengthen an inclusive community!

in-person services

We strive to ensure the needs of all of our participants are met throughout our workshops, competitions, programs and events.

You will find a list of services that Skills Canada NWT can provide to ensure that you have a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

Evolution over time

We strive to provide more services and strengthen levels of accessibility on our website over time. Do you have any suggestions on how we can broaden our accessibility, or need a special request not listed at an upcoming event? Please get in touch with us below.

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